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Sometimes you just need to step away from it all - from the sounds of construction, buzzing traffic, packed restaurants and city streets. You might take a walk to clear your head or dig through records at your local record store. Maybe you head to your favorite watering hole to shoot some pool and let your mind brew over a beer. This experience of the "Solitary Night" was the inspiration for our Spring 2017 collection. 


Our use of loose weave, brushed cotton in short sleeve bodies paired with lightweight outerwear intend to outfit the transition from winter to spring. Key pieces of the collection are our revered "Petcock" jacket, constructed of an over dyed, buttery-soft vintage herringbone pattern adorned with tack buttons and copper rivets, as well as the "Gutter Checkers", a nod to classic bowling shirts. These, along with the rest of the collection, are sure to be springtime favorites that you'll want to pull out of your closet all season long. 

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