FW16: New Horizons

At the start of 2016 we made a big decision to cut our wholesale and move forward with a direct to consumer approach. This meant ending relationships with all of the stores that sold our product, which would allow us to remove the middleman and with it the issues that came along with wholesale. For one, we now had the freedom to release, promote, and mark down products as we saw fit, without having to stick to a pre-designated schedule. It allowed us to focus on our retail customers needs, instead of our stores needs, giving us clearance to design for a wider audience and create more interesting pieces that were traditionally to “risky” for buyers. Most importantly, it allowed us to get rid of the middleman, which means no more unnecessarily marking up product so that a store can get a cut. With this freedom, we were able to purchase even higher end Japanese fabrics, move production to new facilities, and further brand our trim and labels giving our brand a more authentic feel. And we were able to do this all without increasing the price to our customer.

I call this collection New Horizons because it was the beginning of a new strategy for design and production. It allowed us to create product on a new tier, not possible in the traditional retail world that so many brands are stuck in. Our curated and constantly updated website and retail stores allowed us to bring our product direct from production to retail with no one standing in the way. The pieces in this collection are some of my favorite, and some that I am most proud of. I think you’ll quickly agree once you’re able to get your hands on them.

 The design for this collection came from our newfound access to creating quality men’s staples. This season I wanted to create a line that should be in every guys closet. It consists of our chunky heavy weight flannel to use as a shirt jacket when you need an extra layer, or a classic denim button down with contrast stitching for when you need to look clean and classic; a carpenter style work shirt for days in the garage as well as our best selling “Chopper” two pocket buttondown for every day. We’ve even gone a step further and created a winter weight t-shirt, in black and white, as well as graphic variations. The fabric is knitted, the shirt is cut and sewn, and then printed all right here in southern California.

The “New Horizons” Fall/Winter 2016 collection is on sale now and over the coming months at our Brooklyn retail store and online at www.Feltraiger.com

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