Jeans and Denim

Jeans and Denim

I had a bunch of Denim posts and images saved for a time that i could relax and go through them. I have officially stopped doing work until I return from my holiday break, but I wanted to throw the links to some posts up here incase anyone wanted to learn a bit about denim. Enjoy!!

An Exclusive Q&A with Maurizio Donadi of Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans

Oprah interviews Ralph Lauren

Tales of a Deadstock Union Special 43200G

Denim History – “Levi’s As America: A Riveting Icon”

Levi’s “Overalls: The Origin” Video

Denim: A Riveting History

GQ: The Craziest Jeans in the World Video

How To Keep Jeans Clean Without Losing Your Denim Snob Street Cred

5 Pairs of Raw Denim Done Different

Polls: Raw Denim vs. Washed Denim

Raw Denim Cleaning – Vinegar Soak, Oven Treatment

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