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Hoodie Allen has been a homie and a strong supporter of Feltraiger/Heartbreakers Barbershop for some time now. It just felt natural to partner up and help create some special pieces for his recent Happy Camper Tour.

Hoodie is an independent American hip hop recording artist who has been climbing the charts the past few years. He began working at Google before ultimately quitting to pursue a music career full-time. Just an all around great dude and amazing creative talent. We teamed up to create a one of a kind Destitute denim vest with his signature details chain stitched on the front and back. You can now grab one of our OD Black Destitute Denim Vests and make it your own! Shop his tour wardrobe below. 

  Destitute Denim Vest

Hudson Thermal

American Standard Denim



Head over to Hoodie's Instagram for more. 

Photos by Matty Vogel


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