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Are you ready to have the best time for the last time? Bitter sweet feelings as we are gearing up to head out on the 10th and final Gypsy Run. If you are not familiar with GR its an amazingly rad motorcycle event spanning states and days of fun riding and amazing hangs. Plus you can even participate in the mini bike racing, axe throwing, fire jumping shenanigans, product raffles and more! 

Walter, the man behind Kickstart cycle supply and founder of the Gypsy Run has released a few of the rules for the event, noted below. Head over to Gypsy Run's site for the full run down. 


  • Don’t be a dick. #dontbeadick
  • There is no registration
  • There is no fee to participate in the run.
  • You are responsible for the campsite fee.
  • You must check in at the campsite office
  • The major costs for the run are paid for by the sponsors. So thank them.
  • The beer at the campsites is free while it lasts. (21 and over)
  • No one is going to hold your hand. Have your shit together.
  • Show respect and you will get respect.
  • Ride with your head. Find a pace you are comfortable with. It is not a race.
  • The chase truck is for emergencies only. Please have a good reason for calling it.
  • Do not ask chase truck to carry your crap.
  • Clean up after yourself at the campsites.
  • Make sure your brake light works.
  • Bring rain gear. No matter the weather, we ride.
  • Have fun.
  • We want everybody to have a great time, we just don’t want anyone to die while you are at it. So, Please do not drink and ride.
  • If you’re unsure of how to deal with a challenging situation, please refer to rule number one.
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