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 "If Marlon Brando and James Dean had a bromance, Feltraiger would be the modern-day stylistic embodiment. From Boca to Brooklyn, Dan and Jon Feldman have authentically built a brand on “cool”. When you finish rolling your eyes, hear us out." -Classfare

Huge thank you to the team at Classfare for coming out to LA and Brooklyn to see what we're all about. It was great to sit down and chat as we explained our backgrounds, influences, styles, some of the ups and downs we went through building the brand and much more. 

"One of the reasons this brand works so well is because instead of trying to force themselves into an existing community, they’ve authentically created their own. It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about the hair, the hobbies, and the hustle. They won’t just sell you pomade. They’ll invite you to the speak-easy barber shop behind the flagship where Carlos will give you a cut and show you how to style with it." -CF

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