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Big THANK YOU to the crew at CLASSFARE for another killer write up. Check out the preview below.

"Earlier this month, we shared the story of Dan and Jon Feldman, the brotherly duo behind cult-brand Feltraiger. Self-pronounced “America as Fuck” (a status we can indeed confirm as fact), the brand pays homage to classic Americana without feeling costume-y. Like other brands in this vein, they sell denim vests and button downs and jeans and t-shirts. But unlike many brands playing in the category, they have an inimitable attitude and culture and swagger that simply can’t be faked." -CLASSFARE

"The number of brands that have capitalized on the now-waning trend of “Americana” are a dime a dozen. Few share the heart and soul of NYC-based Feltraiger." -CF

Head over to CLASSFARE for the full article. 

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