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This week we are happy to feature our good homie and new hand around the shop. Take a trip with us as we skate around Brooklyn with Nick Coolhands. 

Who: Nick Coolhands Collins

What: Probably the most straight up New Yorker you will meet, born and raised in NYC! A skateboarder for Bustin boards and defined as a street pirate. 

Where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When: Friday, September 16th

Why: "I love Feltraiger because of the vibe, it's real, it's not just different, It's better. Modern day greaser, Danny Zuko may of been the bread and butter of the greaser look, but Feltraiger does it better. It's real, it's Brooklyn, it's alive!"

Nick is wearing our Military Spec Canvas Ryder Jacket , our new Herringbone OD Liberty, our American Standard Denim and his favorite Chopper Time Sunglasses

Follow him on ig @Nickcoolhands


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