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All the W's are back! 

In this short segment we hop around town with local creatives and let you know who it is, what they do, where they're at, when we linked up and why they support and stand behind Feltraiger. 

Who: Mike Giasulla

What: Barber at Heartbreakers, boarder & life of the party

Where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When: Friday, August 5th

Why: "It's rare to find a brand that stands out from the usual cookie cutter styles that are out there now, with no story behind them and no idea as to where they were made. Feltraiger is proud to be made in the U.S. with collections that actually have meaning and inspiration. Tracing the tales of rebellion and angst that stem from American subcultures and manifesting them into some awesome designs that you just won't find anywhere else." 

 Mike is wearing our Liberty 70's shirt (now on sale!) and a pair of our blue lens Chopper Time Sunglasses.

Follow him on ig @Mookyskywalker

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