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So as my first post I wondered what record to do: A new or an old one. A good or a bad one. Something I’m familiar with or some obscure polka-metal band from Bedstuy who only releases their music as demos on cassette tapes they make with an old talkboy recorder. How about a rapper that does his own marketing?

Andy Bothwell or Astronautalis, a Florida native, now Minneapolis local, just released his 4th record, this time on Fake Four. The record, entitled This Is Our Science, features the likes of Doomtree’s Sims, P.O.S, Lazerbeak and Cecil Otter, Tegan Quinn of Tegan & Sara, Anticon’s Alias and more.

This record is solid. Like oak. It’s smart. Like nerds. It’s fun. Like those big balloony moon walk things. In one of the most heartfelt and meaningful records I have heard this year, his way with words and his charismatic style makes… me sound like I have a crush on him. Maybe I do, a little bit. But aside from flattery, aside from mancrushes, Astronautalis killed this record. Song after song just as awesome as the next.

Demetri Medeleev, (produced by Alias) one of his first offerings follows the format of goodness and I guess of Science. (Its the Russian dude who is credited for things like, oh, I don’t know, the periodic table and was huge in the realm of Vodka- in the 1890’s he was in charge of formulating Russians percentage of alcohol per volume). It was 40% back then if you were wondering.  Thats not what the songs about though.. GET THIS RECORD.


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