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Amoskeag: A New Hampshire factory town that was the first major source of denim in the US. Specifically, the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company was responsible for a majority of, if not all, the denim production. It opened in 1838 and claimed to be the world’s biggest textile producer in 1900.  Eventually, declined due to industrial unrest and competition from southern mills.  Finally, on Christmas Eve, 1935 the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company abruptly closed and filed for bankruptcy.  To make matters worse, a flood swept the town soon after diminished any hope of reopening. Amoskeag denim was abundant and hugely influential in the success of the fabric, even being used exclusively for Levi’s and Jacob Davis at one point.  Now all that is left of Amoskeag are artifacts and stories, albeit the label Amoskeag XX was started solely in homage of the denim mill legend.

Fun fact; In 1914 they had manufactured Americas largest flag.

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