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This month in 5 questions with Betsy I am interviewing another friend of mine who I admire greatly, Aaron Pierce.   I used to work with Aaron and he is such a driven and creative individual.  His most recent endeavor is the amazing American menswear brand Commonwealth Proper.  They recently relocated to Los Angeles and create the most well made suits for men that I can think of.  The clothing is of the highest quality and that’s what they are all about.  I took a few minutes to ask Aaron some questions, check them out below:

1) Occupation: Owner/Designer of Commonwealth Proper. Currently based out of our Los Angeles showroom in the Miracle (re-dubbed “American”) Mile.

2) What do you think is an essential part of a mans wardrobe?: I find there to be 2 essentials to every man’s wardrobe.  First, a Grey or Navy suit.. That fits you, properly. Every man, weather they’re extremely casual in dress, or a true dandy will have a time when they need to throw on a nice suit, be prepared. Second, a great pair of dark denim. A dark pair of Levi Slim fits are my go to.. I wear them multiple times a week as they are rarely inappropriate, dressed up or extremely casual, the dark pair of denim is essential.

3) Why is American made so important to you?: Quality. We as a company aren’t here to do large numbers, we’re here to provide perfect fitting garments that are of the highest quality. In my experience that can not be offered at any shop manufacturing over seas, except in Italy or England. We have the best tailors in this country, and we’re willing to pay more to have the best product on offer. There are also other issues with manufacturing overseas, such as: Sweatshops, fuel consumption to ship around the world, lack of access/control during the manufacturing process, etc.

4) Who is a person you are influenced by?: Mary Pierce, she was a first generation American. Working class, truly hard working. Raised 7 children of her own and had a hand in raising almost 20 grand children. She passed away this week, in her 70’s. She had little time to enjoy her retirement, but that never broke her spirit. Until the end she was happy, proud of her work, as we all were. My grandmother was an amazing soul and she’ll always influence me.

5) Favorite Quote: “Otis?.. is that you, is it really you?” -Brian K.


Check out his brand Commonwealth Proper HERE

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