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BNE the graffiti writer has become BNE the humanitarian! If you live in NY, anywhere really, you have probably seen the BNE stickers all over the place. What started as a campaign to spread his name landed him with a popular brand that really didn’t do anything. He decided to use his powers for good and create the “BNE Water Foundation”. The foundation collections donations and sells BNE stickers and tshirts to raise money to give clean water to the hundred-thousands living without it. 100% of proceeds are guaranteed to go to the cause! Not only is his work amazing, but buying his stuff is now equal to a donation to help people out, thats pretty amazing! Check out the tshirts, stickers, and info at their website below!

OH, almost forgot the best part! Everything is MADE IN THE USA, and in limited numbers. Got mine… get yours!

BNE Water Foundation


BNE Water Foundation Tee

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