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While our store itself has been getting a good amount of attention in the press, one element in particular seems to really catch peoples attention. Jimmy DiResta, of The Discovery Channel’s show “Dirty Money”, with the help of assistant David Waelder, created two custom tables out of a junk yard 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger, and everyone is in love with them.

We first found out about Jimmy when our friends over at Air Traffic Control, a famous Miami sneaker store, told us that he was the one responsible for the conveyor belt that ran through their store. We reached out to Jimmy and asked him to come check out our shell of a store, and already having a design in mind for the store itself, we brainstormed ideas for an attention grabbing center piece. Within minutes of explaining the main elements of our brand, American made and inspired by American style, Jimmy told us about an idea he had to crush a car and use it as furniture, and the seed was planted.

We ended up heading to a junk yard in New Jersey that he had visited when shooting his show and found an American car with a great color and great patina. We threw around some ideas about how exactly we would create this centerpiece… the video below shows the incredible footage, from car to tables!

You can check out some of Jimmys work at JIMMY DIRESTA, and his show DIRTY MONEY is replaying old episodes on Planet Green Network and is very addicting!


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