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“All the W’s” are back.
Who, what, when, where, and why. This short bio of the subject will include their answers to the questions along with a few photos, showing how they tie in Feltraiger with their personal style.

Who: Blake Kotler/ Koot
What: Lifestyle consultant and travel agent
When: July 7th, 2012
Where: Feltraiger shop. Private studio
Why: “Feltraiger is spreading great energy and vibes. It’s so unique. Whenever I rock it everyone asks where it’s from. You know you will be the only one rocking it when you walk out your door.”

Blake is wearing the Joshua sunglasses, carryall vest, Save America tank, Animal Camo stang shorts, and Walkovers on his feet, available in store immediately, and soon to make it on the website for sale.

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