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“All the W’s”
Who, what, when, where, and why. This short bio of the subject will include their answers to the questions along with a few photos, showing how they tie in Feltraiger with their personal style.

Who: Karl-Raphael Blanchard
What: Student, Graphic Designer, Photographer, intern at Feltraiger, and J Crew associate
When: November 11, 2012
Where: Rivington, LES
Why: “I’m a huge fan of RatMouth and FELTRAIGER because there’s nothing better than watching a brand build from the ground up. I’m lucky enough to watch the stages from the original design to the finished product, and I love the fact that it’s all american made! Can’t beat that! All American, all original, that’s what makes me a supporter.”

Karl is wearing the Coltun eyewear and light denim camp cap up top. He has our RatMouth logo crew underneath our FELTRAIGER junior varsity. Karl also has 1 of the 10 “America As Fuck” rings from our recent collection with Bernard James. Watch the promo clip here.
All product is American made, produced in limited numbers. Phone orders available (212)260-4420.

Take a look at his blog and keep up with Karl.

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