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Who, what, when, where, and why. This short bio of the subject will include their answers to the questions along with a few photos, showing how they tie in Feltraiger with their personal style.

Who: Jenna Tenace/ Bug
What: Crayola extraordinaire
When: February 10th, 2013 in the snow!
Where: Post Nemo, Lower East Fucking side
Why: “what girl can wear her boyfriend’s clothes, literally?! I see each piece from paper to production and fall in love along the way”

Jenna is decked out, seen wearing a couple different samples. One being her new RatMouth crew that will be available F/W’13. Showing off some of our more limited pieces, she has the Arrows pendant, Joshua sunglasses, and sample FELTRAIGER beanie -with white font. Everybody should keep their hands warm during these winter months, and to still be able to use your phone is a blessing, thats why our hand warmers are a great every-dayer for everyone. The Junior Varsity jacket continues to be a fan favorite and a great jacket for every season. As you can see this pretty lady always turns everything into fun and games. This became more apparent to me when this photo-shoot turned into a snowball fight!

Follow the Bug on instagram @BugtheBengal.

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