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Our private label Heartbreaker Pomade release event went great! We met tons of rad people, pushed our amazing new pomade, Carlos was cutting and styling in-store, and the best beer in the world, Pabst Blue Ribbon was on hand.

Wanted to give a big thanks to our main sponsor, PBR. Its not quite a party without you!
would also like to thank Carlos, who did a great job! I have to say I loved my cut! You had guys and gals standing in line waiting to get cut and styled by you with our new Heartbreaker Pomade. When he’s not working on the stars during NYFW, you can find him at Salon 718, Brooklyn.

Dont forget, “Tee Shot Me”. You can see most of the pictures from the party below. For more of Tee’s Photography, visit TeeShotMe.
She helped capture some great imagery for our shoot in Athens New Ren. You can see some more behind the scenes shots here

FELTRAIGER private label Heartbreaker Pomade is now available in-store and over the phone. Entirely American made, just $12.

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