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Staff Picks is a new category we are adding to the FELTRAIGER blog. It will show you our favorite pieces, along with some words explaining why. All product is available in our flagship location, and available through phone orders. Coming to the web-store soon.

Billy: Ellis Box Plaid

“As someone who has the worst time trying to find the “perfect button-down” the Ellis Box Plaid is a breath of fresh air. With a silhouette that falls right in between “classic” and “slim”, the Ellis is how a man’s shirt should fit.”


Jon: Byron Bomber Jacket

“I love the classic simplicity. It’s the “bomber jacket” done right. Tailored to fit a current gentleman, not one from Top Gun. The black Cordura keeps it looking rugged as the quilted pattern presents a more high-end vibe. This garment is wind/water proof and has the perfect tailored fit. With our “Byron Bomber” being so limited, It was a must have for me.”


Dan: Ryder Denim Jacket

“Finding a quality denim jacket is no easy task. I’ve gone through many new brands denim jackets and searched through racks of vintage trying to find a fit. Finally, we decided to just go ahead and make the perfect denim jacket. Cut out of raw American made “Cone Mills” selvedge denim, this jacket is cut with more of a vintage fit with modern details and clean selvedge lines. I threw it in the washing machine for a rinse and have been wearing it as my daily ever since.”


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