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We’re bringing back “All the W’s” – who, what, when, where, and why. This short bio of the subject will include their answers to the questions along with a few photos, showing how they tie in Feltraiger with their personal style.

Who: Carlos Jacome

What: Editorial and session Hairstylist

When: May 31, 2014

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Why: “When it comes to the clothes I wear I look for not only how cool the product is but also how well it fits. I love everything the brand makes! They never disappoints me. Every time I see the new collections I know I can just walk in and grab pretty much everything new that they have and I know its going to be cool, fit me well and not only that it’s also something that is going to be worth my money! I look forward to being able to wear their clothes for a very long time, to then pass down to the next generation because the quality of the product is that good! I’m so very happy with everything I own from the brand. it’s cool, fits me just how I want and it last me longer than anything else I’ve had!”-Carlos Jacome

Carlos is wearing Feltraiger Liberty short sleeve shirt, Limited edition High til I die tee (in-store only), and Dagger snapback

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