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With Spring/Summer collection, Feltraiger looks to the classic American novel The Outsiders for a dose of classic cool. Naming the collection “Stay Gold”, the brand pulls inspiration from the American mid-west and the youth of a blue collar upbringing. To compensate for a lack of disposable income, long greasy hair and a tough personal style were ways for the rebellious subculture of the 50’s to create their own identity. This manifests as a resurgence in classic American workwear for the modern guy, with nods to factory worker outerwear and second hand denim and leather jackets. All items now available online and in store

“I’ve always felt that the modern idea of what’s COOL stems from the style of the youth of the 50’s. With frustrated kids living in small factory towns and young men returning home from war, a new rebellion was born. The male camaraderie now missing from war time created gangs fueled by motorcycles and military wear including plain white undershirts and leather jackets. To me, this has always been the start of what today’s guy calls COOL, and it’s effortless feel has been tweaked, updated, and modernized, but we haven’t since had a change that so largely influences the modern guys style. Taking influence from this time period serves as a tribute to my favorite period in American style.”                                                                                                   – Dan Feldman, Creative Director

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All items now available online and in store

Video: Rafael Moses   Photos: Jon C Feldman

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