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stacks_image_80We are very happy to be sponsoring Born Free Show again. This show continues to be the best motorcycle show in America. This event has also turned into an inspiring scene that goes beyond motorcycles. Feltraiger will be hosting a pop up space featuring the new collection, classic tees and denim, along with Heartbreaker’s very own Carlos Jacome to be cutting on the scene. Come on out and make sure you stop by for a fresh cut, our pomade and new gear plus some inspiration for your next build!

 The seventh annual Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show is set to take place at Southern California’s majestic 17-acre Oak Canyon Ranch Saturday June 27 & 28, 2015. Born-Free has quickly become “the” place for old and young from all over the world to ride in, see, and talk about old iron for one day. Born-Free 7 is set to bring together tens of thousands of eager spectators and participants as well as over 150 vendors and sponsors, live music, an AMCA regional swapmeet.

The Born-Free Show is a back to basics show built on this impromptu action of people building and riding their vintage Harleys, Hondas, Indians, Triumphs (and more) into the show which then becomes “the show”. This is a place where the classics take the spotlight. The show is open to all makes and models and is laid back with voluntary registration and a handful of awards and prizes, but Best In Show gets a trip for themselves and their motorcycle to the Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom show in Yokohama, Japan this December!

Inside the show there is a special Invited Builder area where 25 up and coming motorcycle builders from all around the world will be debuting the bikes they’ve been building just for this event over the past year. These guys are craftsmen, small shop owners, and garage builders doing their best to push themselves to build something that is unique, well thought out, and finely finished. And to top it all off, at this year’s show you have the chance to win up to four motorcycles with only one ticket! To enter the drawings, a poster with free giveaway ticket combo is for sale online now through Looser Machine. Any remaining posters/tickets will be available the day of the show. For more info visit Born Free Show

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