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Feltraiger’s View on Guys Wearing Short Shorts

We make “short” shorts! We have for five years and we still stand by them.

We get a lot of comments from guys in the fitting room, unsure if they should even be considering walking around in above-the-knee shorts, and in doubt about whether they even like the look on themselves or not. That being said, we also get a refreshing amount of guys in short shorts walking out of the fitting room with a smile, like they just found the missing piece of their summer wardrobe. Check out one of our friends rocking our short shorts look here.

Gone are the days of long baggy shorts hanging below the knee—you know, the ones in between short shorts or full-length pants. This is a horrible trend that came along in the “baggy” 90s and has somehow hung around way too long. Feltraiger is all about classic and timeless style. We get our style cues from things that were around 50 years ago, and will still be fashionable in another 50. And we’re happy to give you an education on shorts.

Feltraiger Short Shorts for Men

When we Started Creating Men’s Short Shorts

I don’t wear shorts. I wear jeans every day—like literally every single day. In fact, the only time I wear shorts is when they are waterproof and then, they’re called bathing suits. That is actually when I started doing research on how to make a great pair or shorts… when we made our first bathing suit for Feltraiger.

I’ve always dug the look of classic bathing suits on men. But did you know that they started as swim suits, similar to a woman’s one-piece bathing suit, but with shorts attached? Over time, with new fabrics available and influence from designers, those bathing suits were redesigned into “Speedo” type one pieces and short shorts for men.

This really adheres to a “form follows function” type of design, where the bathing suit was covering what it needed to, and that’s it. This design allows for:

-important things to be covered

-wearing as little as possible to help beat the heat

-getting a nice, even tan!

Shorts were made a bit longer than these short bathing suits, and for good reason. Shorts needed to be worn in public places, worn indoors and needed a way to be a bit more formal than a bathing suit. In addition, shorts had side pockets and back pockets, which needed additional length to cover the pocket bags under the fabric. And there you go, function had created the perfect pair of shorts! End of story, right? Not quite…

Along Comes the Baggy Shorts Trend

Somewhere along the way, possibly due to designers experimenting, or due to American men’s desire to be macho, bathing suits started to get longer, baggier and sloppier. Bathing suit and shorts brands picked up on the trend as an option for additional stock. And brands like JNCO, which were very popular in the 90s for their ridiculously oversized pants, certainly didn’t help by adding ridiculously oversized shorts to the market.

This trend carried over to the sports arena too. Basketball uniforms went from being classic and timeless, to oversized and baggy. Stores started carrying and selling these almost comically long basketball shorts, and there went the neighborhood.

We Will Always Support Guys Wearing Short Shorts

It’s time to take the neighborhood back! Back to the good old days where shorts looked how they should and fit how they should. Together, we can bring proper shorts back into the market.

So to answer the posed question, should men wear short shorts, we say a resounding, “YES.” Embrace this classic look and let your legs show.

Short Shorts for Dudes

Check out what we have available over at the Feltraiger store, in bathing suits, chino shorts and drawstring shorts, but also get out there and see what the market has to offer.

Brands like Quicksilver have brought back above the knee surf shorts in multiple lengths (like what the pros from the 70s wore). Nike makes an assortment of running and athletic shorts that are comfortable and the perfect length for the gym or a jog. Unis, who’s known for their chinos, also has a great chino short at a great length.

So this summer, go get a tan, throw out your sloppy shorts and get your style straight for the remaining summer months!

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