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Feltraiger Torch LogoQuality clothing brands have become a bit of a hot topic lately, but it’s what Feltraiger was founded on. Quality men’s clothing doesn’t need to break the bank and it shouldn’t be thought of in that way. When shopping for clothing, quality should be our main priority.

The shopping habits of modern Americans has lead to child labor in third world countries, obscene amounts of pollution from clothing thrown away each year, and damage to the environment in seasonally shipping massive amounts of product across the sea. The benefits of shopping smart so greatly outweigh the idea of saving a quick buck by purchasing cheap, poorly made clothing on a regular basis. I want to help you figure out how to do that.

Clothing Quality Check

Quality ClothingThe idea of checking something for quality isn’t that hard.

I’m sure most people know when they go to the mall and purchase a piece of clothing from a big box brand that they are not buying something that will last them years.

If you want to know for sure if you’re buying good quality clothing, here’s the way to do it.

– Fabric – Feel it! Run your hand across it and feel it between your fingertips. What is the weight like? Is it very thin? Does it have a rough hand? Check the clothing label. Your best bet is going to be natural fibers and fabrics like cottons and wools. You want your shirting to be 100% cotton, you want coats and winter gear to be wool and not acrylic. Pattern wise, do your plaids and stripes line up at center front? Yes it costs more and uses more fabric to do this but it is standard on quality garments!

Fabric Rolls

– Sewing – Check out the stitching on seams, higher quality products have a higher SPI (stitch per inch), cheaper products have less stitching with tends to allow room between the fabric and thread and allows threads to easily catch. Hold the stitched area up to the light and give the stitched area a little pull, is there a lot of room between the fabrics or do they hold tightly together? You want to look for flat felled seams in shirting; this is a process of folding fabric in on itself before sewing instead of butting fabrics against each other.


– Fit – This is a big one, and my biggest issue with purchasing clothing from cheap, overseas brands. I know it’s a pain, especially when you are trying to get in and out of a store, but take the time to try things on. Make sure that there is nothing abnormal, armholes are the right size and don’t feel weird when you lift your arm or put them out in front of you. Make sure nothing is no pulling or puckering in places that shouldn’t.


International Labor

It’s sad what has happened to people around the country out of greed. Companies like Zara, H&M, and similar brands have heard Americas cries for cheap trendy throw away fashion, and they are getting rich at the hands of children around the world. This is a problem created by us.

We have shown that we don’t care about quality, that we don’t care what we are doing to the environment, or to the people in countries around the world that are taxed with producing our clothing. Do you know what’s really going on? We can’t continue to pretend to be blind to these issues!

Our Environment

We have created an obscene amount of pollution due to buying the quick and cheap clothing brands. On average, Americans buy 64 articles of clothing per year, and over the following 2 years, throw half of that away. We are causing this pollution mindlessly by not shopping with a mentality of buying clothing with a purpose, investing in quality, and intending to build a wardrobe and keep the clothing they are investing in.

For years we have heard about the toll on our planet that comes from the insane amount of shipping clothing stock from over seas countries to stores around the United States. There is no reason for this! We could be making these clothing items right here at home.

Here is a video that I believe hits on all of these topics right on the head. It discussing the damage that our mindless greed is creating through out the world.

The Solution: Purchase from Quality Clothing Brands

Purchasing from American made quality clothing brands is a great way to solve this problem. When you shop with smaller American brands you are investing in American jobs and the American work force, solving the problems we see with international production. You are almost always guaranteeing that you are purchasing a quality product that has been designed and produced with far more insight and precision.

You want to purchase a product that you care about, that you have invested time in sourcing, and exploring fit and construction, that you know will last you a long time and get better with every wash, not fall apart.

Overall quality of production has been quickly decreasing over the years, lets stop that by showing that we care about purchasing products from quality men’s clothing brands.

Hop online, into our Brooklyn store, or over to one of our many retailers and check out Feltraiger product. Try on a jacket or vest, look at the stitching, feel the cotton, this is how clothing should be made! A quality American made menswear brand with a focus on the best possible product at the best possible price.

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