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Our very own Design director, Bill Farrelly's Love machine is now featured on Chopcult! One of our favorite bikes and a super clean build, Bill gives some back story on how his love machine came to be. Take a look at a few images and words from the article below. 

 Photos and word by Ryan Loughridge

People don’t build bikes all by themselves. If someone claims that he does, he’s not looking at the bigger picture. Whether it’s buying parts from the local shop, garnering knowledge from an Internet forum, or having a buddy pass a wrench, other people are almost always involved in the process. The degree of involvement obviously varies from project to project, but the fact remains, it often “takes a village.”

In addition to all of the people involved in building a bike, you also have to consider who rides the bike. Choppers have a habit of changing hands, either to make room for a new build or because they were a commissioned work. With each new owner comes new stories, changes, and miles.

I first saw LoveMachine at the SoCal Cycle Swap, when Justin DeHaven had it up for sale. It was hard not to take notice of the clean, all-white, Sportster with the heart bars. The next time I saw the bike was at the Kernville Kampout with its new owner. That’s when I met Bill Farrelly, aka “Stay Chill Bill.” He told me about his brush with disaster when the brakes had been fried by an electrical fire the day before. I find it funny how a new bike can rear up and kick you where it hurts. From that point on, I invited him to come along on some shoots. I continued to admire his unique bike and the fact that Bill would re-tell Justin DeHaven’s stories about the bike. Bill doesn’t pretend to be a bike builder. “I’ll stick to what I’m good at, drawing tits and skulls. I’ll leave the building to the professionals.” As the Design Director for Feltraiger, Bill knows a good design aesthetic when he sees one. So, when he got his insurance claim from a previously wrecked bike, his next bike purchase was an easy choice.

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